Unbelievable Mr X: film blogger

18 Jan

A big thank you to Nicola Baird for this brilliant post on our Islington Film Locations adventures!

Islington Faces Blog

Everyone on Islington Faces Blog has a story. Xavier Gomez, 39, better know as the Unbelievable Mr X, lives off Liverpool Road, N1, and writes a wonderful blog about films that he’s discovered were shot in Islington. Did you know that Chapel Street Market’s McDonald’s is often loving it on TV? Or that Fever Pitch, Love Actually or the classic Ladykillers were filmed in the borough? Well, maybe you did, but the Unbelievable Mr X (X for Xavier) has a way of spelling it out via words, stills and a location map. Here’s your chance to catch up with Islington’s lights, camera, action. Interview by Nicola Baird

What made you focus on Islington?

Amongst the reasons why I moved to Islington was the fact that in many ways, it did not feel like a big city, it still has a ‘village’ atmosphere, and you could find pretty much everything here without…

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