Stephen Fry Hides in Alwyne Road

6 Mar

When we last spoke of V for Vendetta (2005), we left Evey (Natalie Portman) recalling her childhood to V (Hugo Weaving), and how she used to hand out leaflets outside Farringdon Station.

Soon after, V tells Evey that, having brought her to his house, she must now remain there until the following 5th November, one year away. When she realises that V kills government officials, she escapes. Now a wanted woman, she cannot go back home and decides to take refuge at her boss’s, comedian and talk show host Gordon Deitrich (Stephen Fry).

In return for her trust, Gordon explains that he conceals his sexuality to protect his career, and shows her a collection of prohibited materials such as paintings, an antique Quran, and homoerotic photographs.

And where better to hide than…Alwyne Road. A quiet leafy street in Canonbury, by the new river footpath.

Unlike other Islington film locations, the house is not instantly recognisable. We only get to see it for a few seconds, at night and mainly from close-ups. First, when Evey rings the bell and Gordon opens the door.

 V for Vendetta - 6 Alwyne Road - FILM 01

Then, later that evening, before the police storms in, we get a quick glance at the whole house but again it is a night shot.

V for Vendetta - 6 Alwyne Road - FILM 02

V for Vendetta - 6 Alwyne Road - MRX 01

Stay on your toes, V for Vendetta will take us to other locations across Islington.

Fade Out

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How to get there?

Islington Film Locations Map

Alwyne Road N1

Essex Road Train Station (Zone 1)

Highbury and Islington Station (Zone 2)

Buses to Canonbury Road, Essex Road, Upper Street or Highbury Corner


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