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Highbury Terrace: Hugh Grant Lived Here

23 Oct

It’s nearly 20 years since British comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) took the world by storm and propelled Hugh Grant to international stardom. I was far to imagine back then that, years later, I would be living in the UK, let alone within walking distance of Hugh Grant’s house.

Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, Islington can proudly say “Hugh Grant Lived Here’. Or maybe we should say ‘Charles’.

4 Weddings & Funeral - Highbury Terrace - House - FILM

The first time you can see the Highbury Terrace house in the film is when Charles (Grant) and his housemate Scarlett (the late Charlotte Coleman) wake up late for the second wedding and rush to get a cab.

4 Weddings & Funeral - Highbury Place House MRX

The second and last time we get to see the house is for the final scene. Charles and his friends are discussing the outcome of his wedding ceremony when Carrie (Andie MacDowell) knocks on the door.

4 Weddings & Funeral - Highbury Terrace - Andy - FILM

“ (…) There, totally oblivious of the torrential rain pouring down upon them, the two fall happily and tenderly into each other’s arms. The two enormous and highly paid heads come together for that ultimate and inevitable moment. The final, earth-moving, studio-rent-paying, theatre-filling, popcorn-selling… kiss”*

In that scene, not only you can spot the footpath behind Carrie (between the sport courts and the lawn), but also the house number when Charles closes the door behind him. Seconds later, after Charles kind of–perhaps-maybe-or-maybe not-sort-of-but-not-really-popped-the question, the two kissed passionately under the pouring rain, you can see the row of houses on Highbury Terrace.

4 Weddings & Funeral - Highbury Terrace - Final Kiss - FILM

4 Weddings and a Funeral - Final kiss MRX

One could argue that the Highbury Terrace property might well be Islington’s equivalent to Notting Hill’s blue door.

Of course by 1999, and thanks in no small part to Four Weddings and a Funeral, Grant had become a global star and his partner in the movie needed no introduction either.

Nevertheless, in 1994, in parallel to a successful modelling career, Andie MacDowell had already 2 Golden Globe nominations under her belt. Besides, from a box office point of view, the 1994 comedy proved more profitable: yes Notting Hill did generate bigger figures – approx. 363 millions vs. 245 – but it did also cost significantly more to produce – approx. 43 millions vs. 4.5!

Ultimately I guess, neither Islington nor Highbury Fields featured in the title of the movie, the trailers and posters across the world. But you can’t say anymore that you don’t know where Hugh Grant did not propose to Andie MacDowell. You may even want to pop up the question there yourself!

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