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At Highbury Corner, Keep Your Lane! #Enraha

3 Jul

This week we are staying in the same neck of the woods than last week, literally yards from it.

In our last Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) post, On Holloway Road Mind the Driving Instructor, we left Poppy (Sally Hawkins) and Scott (Eddie Marsan) in the middle of a major discussion while at one of Islington’s busiest junction: Tollington Road, turning right onto Holloway Road towards Archway.

Logically we would be spotting them on their way to, or nearby, Archway… Maybe they did go towards Archway. Maybe they didn’t. Only Mike Leigh, his crew and the actors would be able to enlighten us here.

The truth is that, in the next shots we can still see Scott driving on Holloway Road, but going towards…Highbury Corner!

Then, while he explains to Poppy how to keep in lane in roundabouts we can quickly spot:

Local businesses Mc Donald’s and The White Swan pub,

Happy Go Lucky - Highbury Corner - FILM 01

a car waiting to exit Highbury Station Road,

Happy Go Lucky - Highbury Corner - FILM 03

and the pedestrian crossing between the Highbury Corner Post Office (now gone), and Highbury Place.

Happy Go Lucky - Highbury Corner - FILM 02

Scott then turns left heading back to Holloway Road.

Not from a car but…here is a picture of Highbury Corner soon to be improved.

Happy Go Lucky - Highbury Corner - MRX

Fade Out

How to get there?

Islington Film Locations Map

Highbury Corner N1 1RY

Highbury and Islington Station (Zone 2)

Many buses to Highbury Corner


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